Visibility as a Service (VaaS)

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Visibility-as-a-Service solution from DigiBiz answers your urgent need to see important shipments in transit and in storage.  We designed our Visibility Service to address major challenges faced by the Global Supply Chain Community – see goods in transit, get notified on major milestones, get alerted on delays or environmental excursions.  Available immediately, without capital investment and any burden on corporate IT resources.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed with live updates on your shipment's location and environmental conditions throughout its journey. Keep stakeholders in the know without emails, phone calls or update meetings.

Instant Alerts

Receive alerts for any unexpected conditions along the route, make informed decisions and take timely action to prevent delays and problems. Keep deliveries on schedule and product intact.

Milestone Notifications

Stay informed with notifications when your shipment is crossing significant points on its journey: departing from the supplier's dock, reaching the ocean port, or transitioning between various transportation methods.

Sustainable Solutions

Contribute to a greener future by reusing sensors and minimizing battery waste, all while keeping costs low and protecting the environment.

How it works?


DigiBiz VaaS solution makes visibility promptly available and convenient to use

Register with our secure digiNsight service, tell us about your shipment.

We dispatch sensors required for the shipment, they appear at the Origin with detailed instructions on how to attach and activate.

You attach sensors to your shipment, activate them. digiNsight starts tracking the shipment, reports location and environmental conditions at required frequency, sends notifications on shipment journey’s milestones and alerts on issues.

Shipment arrives at Destination. You “End the Shipment” and remove the sensors. We take care of returning and reusing the sensors to keeps the costs low and minimize wasted batteries in the landfill.

Who benefits From Visability-as-a-Service?


Instant access to friendly-priced, convenient visibility service

Implementing corporate supply chain visibility initiative can be a lengthy, capital intensive undertaking requiring significant IT resources.  DigiBiz VaaS solution gives supply chain professionals prompt access to real-time visibility into movement of freight allowing tracking and monitoring of important shipments. 

Corporate supply chain teams armed with VaaS, manage inbound and outbound deliveries with less stress and better success levels. Shipments arrive on time and in good condition. All stakeholders are in the know without emails, phone calls and update meetings, saving everyone’s valuable time. High quality location data helps better planning and more accurate forecasting. Utilizing VaaS saves Shippers money, improves customer satisfaction, and increases profitability.

Logistics Service Providers

Your branded visibility solution differentiates you from competition

When you subscribe to DigiBiz VaaS the solution is branded to your company at no additional cost.  You gain prompt access to – multimodal IoT freight visibility platform capable of tracking packages, pallets and containers in real-time.  Information about shipment’s location, environmental and mechanical conditions is streamed to the cloud. Customers can login into portal branded to your organization to obtain information about their shipments. Proactive notifications and alerts are pushed out to Customers and stakeholders keeping everyone in the know simultaneously with the same version of truth. Advanced technology is put to your service promptly, without capital outlay, and any burden on IT resources.  DigiBiz VaaS solution improves your winning rate in an extremely competitive market.

Private Fleets

Boost profitability, elevate service levels with VaaS

With Digibz VaaS corporations significantly improve inventory efficiency by utilizing a real-time datastream about goods location and conditions. Synchronized knowledge of inventory location empowers better partnerships between corporate supply chain, logistics and transportation teams in matching customer demand with inventory availability. Agile movement of goods results in higher sales numbers, reduced waste, and improved profitability.  Cloud portal branded to your organization simultaneously updates partners and stakeholders with critical information allowing teams to execute with better results, more confidence and less stress.

Explore Our Solutions


Inventory Intelligence

Omnipresent knowledge of inventory location in storage and in transit at any desired granularity. Reduced Safety Stocks, Freed up working capital, Improved Profit, Increased Revenue.


Digitally Enabled Freight​

Supply Chain Managers see movement and environmental conditions of freight in real-time. Paired with advanced cloud analytics enables predictive ETAs and timely action in case of exception

Solutions By Industry

Ambient IoT Solution for Your Supply Chain


Transforming grocery and fresh food supply chain

Complete visibility into supply chain dynamics brings a higher level of operational efficiency to forward thinking grocery chains and fresh food supply operations.

Real-time information on temperature and humidity of goods in transit and in storage allows timely preventive action to resolve issues reducing spoilage and waste, improving customer service and profitability.


Empowering retail operations with real-time insights

Visibility into inventory movement and status at any level and granularity is well within reach for technology-savvy retail enterprises. Supply chain professionals see their whole network on a single screen. On time in full is less of a challenge with real-time information on location and status of goods.


Enhance healthcare efficiency with supply chain visibility

Much needed boost in Supply Efficiency is brought to Healthcare Providers by Ambient IoT.

IoT Sensors allow real time visibility into movement of shipments at any level and granularity. Containers, pallets, packages and individual products can be easily located anywhere at any time. Instant alerts on product environmental conditions allow prompt action reducing waste and allowing taxpayers’ dollars to go much further.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Enhanced pharma supply chains with ambient IoT

By leveraging Ambient IoT, pharmaceutical companies enhance their processes, improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce errors throughout different stages of pharmaceutical production, warehousing, and supply chain management.


Real-time insights for efficiency with ambient IoT in supply chains

Ambient IoT greatly benefits manufacturing supply chains by providing real-time data, improving visibility, increasing efficiency, enhancing security, and enabling optimization.

IoT Sensors help manufacturers transform their supply chains and address the challenges posed by factors such as global instability and supply chain shortages.


Transforming mining supply operations

IoT (Internet of Things) sensors play a crucial role in improving supply chain management in the mining industry. By leveraging IoT technology, mining operations optimize their processes, and enhance efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main differentiator of Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) is on the business side. WIth VaaS you do not need to purchase, manage and dispose of IoT sensors. Sensors are delivered to the origin and picked up at the destination by our friendly team.  Once you tried the service and decided to subscribe, you will have sensors available for your important shipments which you need to track and monitor.  Cloud-based portal is branded to your organization at no additional cost, so customers experience the visibility as a service your organization provides.

The major benefits of VaaS is promptness of its availability, no need for capital budget and no additional burden to corporate IT resources. These make VaaS an ideal solution for supply chain, logistics and transportation teams with limited resources or when visibility is urgently needed with a capital budget already set for the foreseeable future.

Yes, certainly. Your first shipment is free when you take care to get the sensor(s) and return it to us at the end of the journey. If you decide to subscribe for the service, the sensor(s) can be reused for future shipments.

You can start using the service within hours or a few days. You are ready to start as soon as you receive your sensor(s). Just attach them to shipment, login and start monitoring.

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