Inventory Intelligence

Ambient IoT powers DigiBiz Inventory Intelligence Solution

Affordable, convenient, environmentally sustainable technology empowers inventory managers to know the exact location, quantity on hand and environmental condition of their stocks.

Small stickers, which are battery free microcomputers stuck on a box or a pallet, harvest energy from thin air and communicate geolocation and temperature. It’s crucial to have continuous visibility of your inventory, whether it’s in transit or in storage, down to the level of detail your business requires.

Reduced Safety Stocks

IoT sensors attached to packages, pallets or single SKUs give visibility into inventory levels, location, and condition of products. Accurate and up-to-date information allows informed decisions regarding stock levels and replenishment.

Optimized Working Capital

Visibility into inventory levels, shipment statuses, and order processing prevents over-purchasing and minimizes excess inventory leading to a reduction in working capital tied up in inventory. Real-time data on inventory movement, allows prompt, informed decisions, helps effective capital allocation.

Efficient Order Fulfilment

Real-time tracking of goods throughout the warehouse enabled by IoT sensors facilitates streamlined order picking and packing processes, reducing errors and delays. Accurate and timely order fulfillment prevents costly mistakes and rework, thereby improving efficiency and profitability.

Increased Revenue

Ambient IoT helps enterprises increase profitability and operational efficiency with higher fulfillment of customer demand. Real-time customer demand data streaming from IoT sensors allows agile response to changes in demand or supply and reduces the risk of stockouts. Increased volume of customer purchases raises corporate revenues.

Product overview

Ambient IoT for Inventory Intelligence

Ambient IoT allows inventory managers to connect with their stocks in transit and in storage, in real time, and at necessary granularity levels.  IoT pixels attached to pallets, packages or single items transmit real-time information about location and temperature with required frequency.

  • Maintain accurate knowledge of stock location and conditions. 
  • Increase sales with high shelf availability.
  • Reduce waste for perishable or sensitive items.
  • Respond with confidence to changes in customer demand.

how it works

Ambient IoT for Intelligent Inventory Management

DigiBiz solution elevates inventory efficiency.

Post stamp size IoT Pixels which are smart microcomputers attached to pallets, packages or single items. No battery required. Pixels source energy from thin air.

Pixels are energized by bluetooth bridges capable of penetrating packaging walls and report back location and temperature.

Information is transmitted to cloud by IoT gateways and presented to all stakeholders in real time allowing smooth execution of supply chain.

Data is stored for better planning and forecasting and can be analyzed by predictive and prescriptive engines.


Cycle count automation with Ambient IoT

Periodic cycle count is a well known pain in our collective neck. Who has time, resources, funds to stop the operations to count everything? And besides, it is only accurate for the next few days. 

Well, how about counting your inventory automatically, every night, while you sleep?

DigiBiz Ambient IoT Inventory Intelligence solution does exactly that. In fact, if your inventory moves fast, you can count as often as required and at any granularity, from pallets, to packages and down to single SKUs.

  • Automate Cycle Count.
  • Count as often as your process requires.
  • Count at required granularity.
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

With IoT sensors providing real-time data on inventory levels and movement, Inventory Managers ensure that stock levels are aligned with demand, avoid stockouts or overstocking, and reduce storage costs.

IoT sensors can trigger automatic reorder requests when inventory levels reach a certain threshold, reducing the need for manual inventory checks and minimizing the risk of stockouts or excess inventory.

Ambient IoT refers to the framework for connecting and automating a large number of objects and devices, providing real-time visibility and automation capabilities in various fields, including supply chain management.

Source: Ambient IoT Gets Down to Business by Samuel Green February 2023

By leveraging IoT sensors and devices, supply chain professionals can gain visibility into inventory levels, location, and condition of products. With accurate and up-to-date information, they make more informed decisions regarding stock levels and replenishment, reducing the need for excessive safety stocks.

Combined with advanced analytics and AI capabilities Ambient IoT, provides valuable insights and predictive capabilities. By analyzing real-time data from IoT sensors and historical data, supply chain professionals forecast demand more accurately. This enables optimized inventory levels and aligns stock levels with actual demand, reducing the need for high safety stocks while still meeting SLAs.

Ambient IoT facilitates automation in supply chain processes including cycle count. With IoT-enabled devices and connectivity, tasks such as inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and transportation management can be automated, eliminating manual processes and reducing the chances of errors. This automation improves efficiency, streamlines operations, and enables faster response times.

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Inventory Intelligence with Ambient IoT

By collecting data from various IoT devices and sensors, supply chain professionals optimize supply chain operations, monitor the movement of goods, identify bottlenecks or delays, and proactively address issues.