Digitally Enabled Freight

Cloud Connected Shipments - Different dimension of Supply Chain Efficiency

IoT sensors on containers, pallets, and packages transmit real-time data to the cloud. Stakeholders access the same information instantly. Digitally Enabled Freight is here. Let’s embrace advanced technology and transform our work.

Real-time Insights

Knowledge of location and conditions of shipments in transit enables supply chain teams to execute with confidence and quality, to keep partners and customers in the know, to take action on issues before they become major problems.

Enhanced Efficiency

Alerts and notifications bring issues and shipments’ journeys milestones to the attention of relevant stakeholders in a synchronized manner allowing teams to collaborate in risk mitigation efforts and issue resolution. Empowered by the single source knowledge teams execute with better outcomes, less stress improving customer-supplier relationships.

Meet SLAs with

Quality of real-time data allows more accurate planning. Informed, timely action results in better On Time In Full deliveries. Geozone notifications trigger automatic logging and displaying of critical performance metrics to all stakeholders. Production orders can be scheduled based on in-transit availability allowing for tighter production schedules.

Cost-Effective Solution

Ambient IoT significantly reduces the cost of freight visibility solutions. Battery free pixels are attached to and recycled with the packaging materials eliminating the need for reverse logistics and keeping landfills hazardous waste free. Bridges and gateways are inexpensive and once installed will operate for years delivering exceptionally low cost per track.

Product overview

Digital Containers

IoT Sensors give multimodal containers voice streaming to the Cloud real-time information about location, space utilization and environmental conditions of freight from anywhere in the world. Shippers, Customers, Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers see the same information in real-time, collaborate on deliveries, increasing efficiency, saving valuable time.

  • Proactive alerts on container status and location ensure Freight Security and Trade Compliance
  • Shipment Location and Conditions in Real-Time
  • Improved Container Utilization, Turn-Around-Time
  • Better Production Planning with “on-the-move” inventory allocation
  • Proactive Management of Customer Expectations

Product overview

Digital LTL

Digital LTL is a highly visible, digitally managed process with instant alerts and timely action. Real-time information about the exact location and status of the shipment facilitates timely communication among LTL Operation stakeholders, helps optimize routes reducing fuel costs and improving delivery times.

  • IoT sensors increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of LTL shipping, leading to enhanced customer service and business profitability.
  • Massive amounts of highly accurate information generated by the sensors help LTL Service Providers to see patterns and trends to further optimize operations and make better informed business decisions.

how it works

Ambient IoT for Digitally Enabled Freight

DigiBiz solution brings next level of connectivity to shipments in transit.

IoT Pixlels

Post stamp size stickers are smart microcomputers operating without batteries. They source bluetooth energy from thin air. When energized Pixels send a secure message about their location and temperature.

IoT Bridges

Energize Pixels, receive the data flow from the pixels and securely transfer information to IoT Gateways. Bridges define mini-geozones for the pixels, helping them to self-locate.

IoT Gateways

Receive secure data flow from the bridges and transmit information to the cloud. DigiBiz Mobile LTE Gateways power Ambient IoT Transportation solution.

Cloud-based Platform

Aggregates data flows from multiple Gateways. Delivers primary analytics to information received from Pixels. Securely connects with digiNsight - DigiBiz IoT aggregation portal, which presents Pixel data as shipment location and conditions creating customer value.


IoT data aggregation platform translating information streaming from the multiple types of sensors into supply chain customer value - locations and environmental conditions of freight in motion and goods in storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

IoT sensors provide real-time information on location, condition, and status of goods throughout the supply chain eliminating the need for telephone calls and email enquiries with delayed responses. This visibility allows supply chain professionals to identify bottlenecks, and proactively address issues, saving time and minimizing disruptions. Happy Customers and Partners deliver positive feedback on the efforts, increasing job satisfaction.

IoT Sensors provide real-time information about the location and status of your shipments. This level of visibility means you can keep your Customers informed about the estimated time of arrival of their packages and deal proactively with any delays or issues. IoT sensors instantly notify Supply Chain Managers if part of the shipment gets lost or separated ensuring timely resolution and preventing costly penalties.

IoT sensors enable real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments, providing accurate information about the location, condition, and status of goods. This visibility helps reduce the risk of lost or stolen shipments and enables proactive management of logistics, resulting in cost savings. Temperature and Humidity sensors can ensure that perishable goods are transported and stored at the optimal conditions, reducing spoilage, and improving product quality.

Real-time visibility helps reduce the risk of stolen or lost shipments. IoT sensors send instant alerts in case of unexpected stops or light exposures during transportation enabling timely engagement of authorities or driver notification.

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Digitally Enabled Freight

By collecting data from various IoT devices and sensors, supply chain professionals optimize supply chain operations, monitor the movement of goods, identify bottlenecks or delays, and proactively address issues.