Ambient IoT

A new sustainable way to make your shipments visible

At DigiBiz we use Ambient IoT and Cloud technology to alert you to issues with critical shipments and notify you when an important shipment crosses significant points in its journey. Your customers and partners see the same source of truth, eliminating the need for phone calls, emails and long meetings.

Why visibility matters:

In our line of work small issues become big problems fast. With up-to-the-minute knowledge of shipments, inventory location and conditions, we make informed decisions and act confidently to prevent disaster. With constantly available visibility we fight less fires and plan more accurately. When we deliver with quality and on time our customers and partners love and appreciate us.

Make your shipments visible

DigiBiz Solutions are ideal for:

Logistics Service Providers

Win new business with Your Own Branded Visibility Solution. Increase customer value proposition with the stream of real-time shipment location and conditions information. Deliver shipment-related proactive alerts and notifications.

Private Fleets

Reduce cost and waste, improve inventory turns and profitability with Your Own Branded Visibility Solution. Keep customers and internal partners in the know on shipments’ progress. Improve data quality for more accurate planning and forecasting.

Supply Chain Professionals

See your shipments in real-time in transit and in storage. Deliver on time and with quality. Take informed, timely action to resolve issues before they become major problems. Plan and execute with confidence. Cut costs, improve customer satisfaction.


Make real-time visibility a part of your toolbox. Your Own Branded Visibility Solution is secure, friendly priced, convenient for quick implementation, and requires no enterprise IT resources. Improve customer experience, save money, reduce losses.

Ambient IoT is the next level of Supply Chain Visibility


Boost business with a custom visibility solution. Enhance customer value with live shipment tracking and updates.


Environment friendly technology with no wasted batteries in the landfill and no reverse logistics for sensors.


Visibility easily extends to incorporate production process, cross-docking and storage facilities.


Product's journey visualized from shipping dock to receiving dock for inbound and outbound shipments.


Inventory Intelligence

Omnipresent knowledge of inventory location in storage and in transit at any desired granularity. Reduces safety stocks, frees up working capital, improves profit, increases revenue.


Digitally Enabled Freight

Supply Chain Managers see movement and environmental conditions of freight in real-time. Paired with advanced cloud analytics enables predictive ETAs and timely action in case of exception.

Solutions By Industry


Transforming grocery and fresh food supply chain

Complete visibility into supply chain dynamics brings a higher level of operational efficiency to forward thinking grocery chains and fresh food supply operations.

Real-time information on temperature and humidity of goods in transit and in storage allows timely preventive action to resolve issues reducing spoilage and waste, improving customer service and profitability.


Empowering retail operations with real-time insights

Visibility into inventory movement and status at any level and granularity is well within reach for technology-savvy retail enterprises. Supply chain professionals see their whole network on a single screen. On time in full is less of a challenge with real-time information on location and status of goods.


Enhance healthcare efficiency with supply chain visibility

Much needed boost in Supply Efficiency is brought to Healthcare Providers by Ambient IoT.

IoT Sensors allow real time visibility into movement of shipments at any level and granularity. Containers, pallets, packages and individual products can be easily located anywhere at any time. Instant alerts on product environmental conditions allow prompt action reducing waste and allowing taxpayers’ dollars to go much further.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Enhanced pharma supply chains with ambient IoT

By leveraging Ambient IoT, pharmaceutical companies enhance their processes, improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce errors throughout different stages of pharmaceutical production, warehousing, and supply chain management.


Real-time insights for efficiency with ambient IoT in supply chains

Ambient IoT greatly benefits manufacturing supply chains by providing real-time data, improving visibility, increasing efficiency, enhancing security, and enabling optimization.

IoT Sensors help manufacturers transform their supply chains and address the challenges posed by factors such as global instability and supply chain shortages.


Transforming mining supply operations

IoT (Internet of Things) sensors play a crucial role in improving supply chain management in the mining industry. By leveraging IoT technology, mining operations optimize their processes, and enhance efficiency.

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Ambient IoT for Supply Chain Visibility

Ambient IoT for Supply Chain Visibility is bleeding edge fast developing technology offering innovative companies strategic advantage of truly end-to-end, sustainable, cost-effective solution.